Feline Health: Best Practices for Boarding Your Cat

If you are planning on travelling for a couple of days, you should think about placing your cat in a boarding facility. This option is more favourable and safer for your pet in comparison to putting a neighbour in charge. The cat will receive care from dedicated professional and will socialise with others of its species. When preparing for your journey, it is important to prepare your pet for the boarding, particularly with regard to physical health.

Tips for Tackling Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Have you ever returned home from your daily errands to find your pet has chewed a sizeable hole in the living room carpet, gone to the bathroom in the home or constantly barked all day long? Separation anxiety is a common behavioural issue in dogs that are separated from the individual to whom they are super-attached. The dogs become anxious when they notice signs of the person leaving, such as picking up the car keys or packing a suitcase.