Types of Veterinary Services and Their Role in a Pet's Life

Vets are essential professionals who make life easier for pet owners. However, most pet owners believe that all veterinarians provide the same service, but nothing could be further from the truth. Notably, the veterinary field is broad and involves much more than diagnosing and treating sick pets. Therefore, pet owners need to familiarise themselves with the different veterinary services available as well as their roles in a pet's life.

Clinical Veterinary Services

Typically, you go to a dentist with a toothache and visit a pedestrian if you want advice concerning your child. Clinical vet services comprise various specialists. For instance, a clinical veterinarian can become an anesthesiologist, a dentist, a nutritionist, or a surgeon. Others specialise in a particular species of pets. For example, some vet services only work with big animals, such as tigers, llamas, and horses, while others deal with small pets, such as cats, dogs, and rodents. Although a general veterinarian can attend to your pet, looking for specialist veterinary services guarantees is recommended.

Research Veterinarians 

A vet should have extensive scientific knowledge about animals since it is the only way they can make well-informed decisions regarding your pet's health. This knowledge often comes from extensive studies conducted by research veterinarians. For example, research vets review veterinary techniques and develop new ways of diagnosing, treating, and preventing health issues in pets. On the other hand, research vets in biomedical companies test and develop new and better drugs for pets. While a research vet might not work with your pet directly, they often collaborate and share pertinent information with clinical vets.

Exotic Animal Veterinary Services

Cats and dogs are perhaps the most popular pets you can find in any Australian home. However, many people are adopting exotic pets due to their uniqueness. Since exotic pets require more attention, most people struggle to maintain them, and eventually, they end up in animal shelters. It is against this backdrop that exotic pet veterinary services have become pervasive in the country. Today, if you adopt an African grey parrot, an Ornate box turtle, or a Burmese python, then you will need to take them to an exotic pet veterinarian for specialised care. Although your local vet might have extensive knowledge in animal medicine, exotic pets are a different ball game. Most importantly, an exotic pet veterinarian has additional training in exotic animal care compared to a general practitioner, guaranteeing superior services.