Dog Grooming Solutions When Your Pooch Might Be Aggressive

Dogs are like children, so it can be mortifying when they're not on these best behaviour. This can be particularly and indeed dangerously true if your dog has a tendency to be aggressive in some circumstances. This can sometimes be beneficial, since you might want your dog to display aggression if an intruder is attempting to enter your home. However, it can be troubling when the aggression is misplaced, such as when your pooch needs to visit the vet or dog groomer. It's not as though aggressive dogs need to miss out on professional grooming, and the issue can be easy enough to overcome with a little bit of preparation.

An Aggressive Dog

You might not have any idea why your dog becomes aggressive at the prospect of being groomed. If you've had the dog since it was a puppy, the issue might be a total mystery. If you adopted your dog from a shelter as an adult, there might be a traumatic experience in the dog's past that has resulted in them having trust issues. Regardless of the reason, your dog still needs to be groomed! But you need to make sure that this can happen with the minimum of stress for your dog, while still making sure that the groomer is not in any danger.

DIY Grooming

Your dog might not be overjoyed when it comes time to wash them, but even a dog that might be aggressive towards strangers will probably only grumble if you're the one washing them. Sometimes a mixed approach can be best. You can wash your dog as needed, and then use professional grooming services when required. Some dogs (particularly those with long, sometimes unruly coats) need to be groomed with specialised equipment that you probably don't possess.

The Grooming Salon

If you decide to take your dog to a grooming salon, you should choose your timing wisely. An early morning or late night appointment might be best. This means that your dog will be less likely to encounter other dogs (and their owners) at the salon. There will be less stimulation and fewer unfamiliar dogs (and humans) and so less cause for aggression. Remember that a muzzle might be required to protect the groomer.

Mobile Grooming

Utilising a mobile pet washing and grooming service can perhaps be a better bet for an aggressive dog. The groomer can park their trailer on the street (where permitted) so that your dog will be groomed in proximity to their home (where they're comfortable), but not directly at a place where they might feel territorial. Again, a muzzle might be necessary, but if you use the same service on a repeated basis, the groomer will hopefully build a rapport with your dog, thus lessening any aggression.

There is absolutely no reason why a potentially aggressive dog cannot receive the benefits of professional grooming, just as long as you take the necessary steps to accommodate your dog's behaviour.